Robert Sylar

Robert Sylar graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Millsaps College in Jackson, Miss. He entered the oilfield professionally as a Technical Services Engineer (Chemist) in the Gulf States area, working both on and offshore. Mr. Sylar then relocated to the Rockies, trained and operated as a drilling and completion supervisor in the deep gas basins. He founded Drilltech, Inc. in 1979 as owner and has operated as drill site manager, completion engineer, operations project manager, and consulting operations manager for oil operators throughout the Rocky Mountain and Mid-Continent areas. Mr. Sylar has earned a foremost reputation as a consulting supervisor and project manager, successfully managing his business while supervising the complex, multi-stage completions that are the norm in today’s deep horizontal exploration and production environment.

In past years, Mr. Sylar recruited, directed and managed drilling and completion supervisory teams who have served for companies such as Anschutz Exploration, Stone Energy, Samson Resources, and the U.S. Department of Energy. In an effort to more effectively manage a larger and more diverse drilling and completion operation, Drilltech, Inc. and Dakota Territory Consulting became DTC Energy Group, Inc. in a “join forces” merger and relocated corporate headquarters to Denver, Colo. Mr. Sylar continues to help manage and guide the new entity through a period of tremendous growth and refinement while working on a wide variety of oil and gas operations. He persists as an independent in this volatile industry with one of the longest successful consulting careers.