How to Become a Completion Consultant


Completion consultants are highly knowledgeable and skilled professionals who supervise workover and completion operations on behalf of a contract oil and gas operating company. These operations include hydraulic fracturing of vertical and horizontal wells, coil tubing cleanout, running tubing, casing and frac strings, setting down-hole pumps and rods, as well as pumping unit installation. There are several paths to become a completion consultant.

Many completion consultants have 20 to 30 years of oilfield experience. However, it is not uncommon for individuals with 10 to 15 years’ experience to break into these roles.

completion supervisors

Typical path to become a Completion Consultant:

Non-Technical Degree:

Service Operator Experience (4-6 yrs)

Service Supervisor Experience (4+ yrs)

Service Leader / Performance Coordinator (min. 2-3 yrs)

Completion Consultant

Technical Degree:

Engineering Technician (1-2 yrs)

Field / Completions Engineer (3-4 yrs)

Completions Manager (3-4 yrs)

Completions Consultant

Desired Skills & Experience:

  • Excellent safety record
  • Understanding of computer systems and reporting
  • Experience in various service lines:


− X-linked & slickwater fluids and acid jobs

− Order frac valves, spot frac tanks, flowback equipment

− Zipper fracs

− Plug & Perf

− Sliding Sleeve


− Cleanouts, milling plugs, spotting acid, TCP, perforating, pump-down plugs

Coil Tubing


− Stand Alone units


− CBL, perforating, etc.