Expert Frac Engineers


DTC’s on-site frac engineers are experts in the art of fracturing. With years of experience working with completion engineering teams and onsite personnel, our frac engineers achieve optimal results, reduce NPT, minimize screen-outs and reduce overall completion costs.

Over the past several decades, multi-stage horizontal completions have advanced from an average of 5-10 stages per well to 40-50 stages, with some now having up to 90+ stages.  With completion operations becoming increasingly complex, contracting onsite personnel with expertise in stimulation design, supervision, evaluation, and quality control is more important than ever to ensure an operator’s success.

DTC frac engineers specialize in on-site hydraulic fracture treatment analysis and design while focusing on optimizing overall completion economics.  They provide real-time treatment adjustments to ensure completion objectives are achieved.

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Frac Engineering

Our Frac Engineering Services Include:

    • Treatment advice, recommendations and/or design
    • Frac cost monitoring and optimization
    • Pressure modeling/management
      • Including, but not limited to, net pressure, bottom hole pressure, wellbore friction and surface pressures
      • Management and submission of all DBS files and related data upon request
    • Step rate tests/DFIT analysis
      • Estimated friction pressures due to tortuosity vs. perforations, estimated leak-off and pre-treatment frac gradients
    • Screen-out minimization via continuous on-site management
    • Onsite Supervision
      • Dual role as Frac Engineer / Frac Supervisor
        • Significant savings to operator – one person performing both roles
      • Coordination of all vendor and third parties on site
      • Effective documentation and recording of wellsite activities
        • Custom stage/well report template design if needed
    • QA/QC Analysis and Reporting
      • Pre-job water analysis
      • Pre-job benchtop pilot testing
        • Crosslink, linear and hybrid borate and zirconate gel systems
      • Real-time fluid analysis and management
      • Rig-up supervision and iron service date inspection
      • Pre- & post-treatment inventories
        • Including pre-job bucket testing on all additive pumps as well as real-time inventory management

Pricing may vary and can be negotiated depending on the desired level of supervision.

Oilfield Consultants

Oilfield Expertise:

DTC Energy Group supervisors are significantly improving operations and safety in every major U.S. shale play. Our drilling supervisors have reduced drilling time by up to 70 percent for many of our clients. Meanwhile, DTC completion consultants are leading the shale revolution as we supervise some of the largest frac jobs in the U.S.

Our expertise and experience spans across all major U.S. shale plays, including the Bakken, Three Forks, Niobrara, Marcellus, Utica, Eagle Ford, Bone Springs, Wolf Camp, Clear Fork, Woodford, Tuscaloosa Marine, Mancos and Mississippi-Lime.

DTC Energy takes pride in safely executing projects on target, on time, on budget, and in compliance.