Production Supervisors

Professional, Reliable, Economical


DTC Energy Group production supervisors are your reliable field representation for day-to-day production operations. With DTC Energy, you can be assured that our supervisors will be on site every day, reporting accurate information and any liabilities immediately.

production supervisors

Our Production Supervisors specialize in:


    • Daily management of all facets of production, both on land and off shore

    • Supervision of field personnel in production and operation activities

    • During workover or completion operations, providing onsite technical support to ensure quality control during critical operations such as logging, perforating, cement squeezing, or stimulation

    • Reviewing well production on a daily basis and reporting daily volumes to operators to ensure wells are optimized as to productivity

    • Monitoring production rate of gas or oil from established wells and plans

    • Managing maintenance of all surface equipment on site

    • Responsibility for all produced fluids on each site

    • Accounting for inventories and land damage settlements

    • Recommendation and initiation of workover operations


Oilfield Consultants

Oilfield Expertise:

DTC Energy Group supervisors are significantly improving operations and safety in every major U.S. shale play. Our drilling supervisors have reduced drilling time by up to 70 percent for many of our clients. Meanwhile, DTC completion consultants are leading the shale revolution as we supervise some of the largest frac jobs in the U.S.

Our expertise and experience spans across all major U.S. shale plays, including the Bakken, Three Forks, Niobrara, Marcellus, Utica, Eagle Ford, Bone Springs, Wolf Camp, Clear Fork, Woodford, Tuscaloosa Marine, Mancos and Mississippi-Lime.

DTC Energy takes pride in safely executing projects on target, on time, on budget, and in compliance.